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Shrimp Farming BD




Android App


Bangladesh is one of the twenty largest prospects in the production and export of bug and shrimp shrimp

Country. There are more than 20.5 hectares of fresh and salty water enclosures suitable for shrimp cultivation throughout the vast coastal areas of the country. In addition, there are numerous ponds, paddy fields, and natural reservoirs all over the country where sweet shrimp can be grown. The soil, water salinity levels, and favorable weather conditions can be cultivated at least twice a year, as it is extremely suitable for shrimp farming.

Winrock International (American NGO) has been working on fisheries and agriculture in Bangladesh for six years.

Farmers and shrimp industries are realizing this possibility of increasing shrimp production and export

WinRock launched its Safety Project to provide support to individuals and organizations involved.

In keeping with this objective, the Safety Project took initiative to create a mobile application for the cultivators of shrimp.

This android app has been created for the shrimp cultivators of Bangladesh with solutions to various farming problems, calculators, and complete guidelines. The app is developed by Bangladeshi IT firm Code-Tree (CODETREE).